Not just another one – turns three

August 3rd, 2008, 11:30 p.m.: A baby boy, just born a couple of hours ago, was fed well and sent to the baby nursery in the hope of catching some sleep, when the exhausted parents heard a knock at their door. The baby was back in merely 10 minutes with a pacifier stuck in his mouth and the nurse claiming that the baby was too fussy and was disturbing the other children in the nursery. That was our Anchana Vanchana Pumpillow, christened by his then, 3 1/2 year old sister Anika – shortened to Pumpy – as known to all his dear ones. Yesterday, he turned three.

I cannot believe that my little crying critter who would not let me have an ounce of sleep for ten straight months, the troubler for whom I was at the verge of taking sleep assistance lessons, is such a big boy now. My precious has been bestowed with the most priceless gift – unsurpassed curiosity. Cars don’t seem to interest him, wrenches and hammers are a strict no no. Even his favorite colors don’t fall into strictly two-three buckets of blue or orange – black seems to interest him as it is the color of the night and the color of deep space. No type of flashy Fisher Price toy seems enough to capture my baby’s fancy, he prefers keeping himself busy with hands on science and with gadgetry found commonly in his mom’s kitchen. He not only knows the meaning of a vortex, at 3, but can make one right in your own kitchen sink. He also knows that a glass full of water can act as a magnifying glass; running water can permeate through a strainer but not through a tumbler owing to the size of the holes in it; that Mercury is the smallest planet – not Pluto as that’s just a dwarf; contemplates that we cannot stand on Saturn and Jupiter as they are all  gas and if we would try doing it we would simply fall deeper and deeper; cockroaches and not just bats and owls are nocturnal as he saw them in our own backyard late at night feeling for food. Phew!

He might be unusual in his ways and might have given me all the gray hair, the worry lines, the wrinkles and the temper tantrums, but above all he has given me the sweetest smile and joy a mother can ask for. You never fail to amaze me! Love you – my Pumpillow. Happy Birthday!